Pre Sale Detail


Includes the following (Allow around 9 hours per Vehicle)

SEDAN  $450   4WD  $500


Door jambs sprayed with APC and pressure rinsed

Full vehicle foam soak with snow foam

Full high pressure rinse

Finish Kare APC applied to bumper and door mirrors and rinsed

Tar X applied to remove tar deposits

Vehicle hand washed with premium shampoo using microfiber mitt and grit guarded buckets

Full decontamination including paint and windows (leaves paint smooth)

Vehicle hand dried with waffle weave drying towels

Chrome trim and exhausts hand polished

Plastic trim dressed with Car Pro Perl

For Sale sticker applied to rear window


Engine bay degreased and agitated by hand

Engine bay high pressure rinse

Engine bay and components dried by hand

Hoses and plastics dressed with Car Pro Perl


Wheel arches and tyres agitated with APC

Poorboys wheel cleaner applied, agitated and rinsed

Wheels and tyres hand dried

Tyres dressed with Car Pro pearl

Wheels hand polished

Wheels sealed with Zaino Z2 Pro by hand


All dash, trim, vents, console and door trims cleaned with APC

Roof lining Shampooed via machine extraction

All carpets, fabric seats and mats shampooed via machine

Leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned

Carpets treated with deodorizer

Dash and trim dressed and protected

Door jambs hand dried

Door rubbers and seals dressed with Car Pro Perl

Windows cleaned with Finish Kare anti static glass cleaner

Front windscreen hand polished


All paint machine polished with flex polisher and appropriate polish/pad combination, correction will be suitable for light to medium paint defects such as scratching and swirling.

Headlights and taillights machine polished


Full IPA wipe down on completion of machine polishing

Zaino Z2 Pro Sealant machine application ( up to 6 months protection)


If you are not completely satisfied with your detail our re schedule guarantee allows us to repeat your service free of charge!

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