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Paint Correction Adelaide

Paint Correction Adelaide is an advanced process that is used to correct paint defects in your vehicle’s paint by removing a small layer of clear coat. It involves machine polishing with a number of different compounds, polishes and cleaners.

Successful paint correction Adelaide requires time, skill and attention to detail but can transform your vehicle while correcting years worth of paint defects such as orange peel, oxidization, water spots, swirl marks, and holograms.

Paint Defects We Can Correct

Swirl Marks Paint Correction Orange Peel Paint Correction Oidisation Paint Correction Water Spots Paint Correction Scratches Paint Correction Paint Correction Holograms Paint Transfer Paint Correction Bird Etching Paint Correction

Paint Defects We Cannot Correct

Clear Coat Failure Paint Correction Aged Bird Etching Paint Correction Deep Scratches Paint Correction

Our paint correction packages come in stages of correction rather than a catch all “cut and Polish” why..? Because I feel it gives the client more information on exactly what we are doing and what they are ultimately paying for.

Stage 1 paint correction consists of one stage of polishing which is suitable for most daily driven vehicles with light to medium defects such as swirls, holograms and light scratches.

Stage 2 paint correction consists of you guessed it a second stage of polishing, this allows us to use a more aggressive compound and pad combination to remove more serious and deeper defects.  During this first compounding step deep defects will be removed however due to the aggressive nature of the compound will leave behind some marring and lack of gloss and clarity.  The second step will include a finishing polish and soft foam pad to remove this marring from the first compounding step and achieve a high level of gloss and clarity upon finishing.  A stage 2 paint correction will be suitable for vehicles with heavy defects or darker colors paints.


STAGE 1   SEDAN $300   4WD  $350

STAGE 2   SEDAN $450   4WD $500


Full vehicle foam soak with snow foam

Full high pressure rinse

Vehicle hand washed with premium shampoo using microfiber mitt and grit guarded buckets

Full decontamination including paint and windows (leaves paint smooth)

Vehicle hand dried with waffle weave drying towels

Chrome trim and exhausts hand polished

Plastic trim dressed with Car Pro Perl


Wheel arches and tyres agitated with APC

Poorboys wheel cleaner applied, agitated and rinsed

Wheels and tyres hand dried

Tyres dressed with Car Pro pearl

Wheels hand polished

Wheels sealed with Zaino Z2 Pro by hand


Paint depth electronically tested on all panels

All paint machine polished with flex polisher and appropriate polish/pad combination depending on paint type, thickness and defects


Full IPA wipe down on completion of machine polishing

Zaino Z2 Pro Sealant ( up to 6 months protection)


Paint Correction Adelaide Audi Correction Paint Correction Adelaide Holden SS Paint Correction Adelaide Blue  Holden