Opti Coat Service

Over time your coatings performance will reduce as contaminants become bonded to the coating, this reduces the sheeting and hydrophobic properties that the coating had when new. The opti coat service aims to address this and leave a like new coating.

Includes the following (Allow at least 2 hours per Vehicle)



Full high pressure rinse

Door jambs sprayed with Finish Kare All Purpose and pressure rinsed

Vehicle foam soaked with iron x foam to break down contamination

Vehicle hand washed with Car Pro Reset using microfiber and 2 grit guarded buckets

Second high pressure rinse

All paint clayed with fine clay bar

Iron X LS as required for second chemical decontamination step

Third pressure rinse as required

Vehicle hand dried with Optimum waffle weave drying towels


Wheel arches and tyres sprayed and agitated with Finish Kare All Purpose

Scholl Rim 7 PH neutral wheel cleaner applied, agitated and pressure rinsed

Wheels and tyres hand dried with wheel only waffle weave towels

Tyres dressed with Opti Bond tyre dressing


Not included in Opti Coat service but can be added for $30


Opti Coat topped with Car Pro Hydro2 as required


If you are not completely satisfied with your detail our re schedule guarantee allows us to repeat your service free of charge!
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