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Opti Coat Pro +


So you’ve purchased that new car you been looking at for a while now, or you have a used one that you are rather fussy with and I’m guessing you found our website because you would like to look after it.

Paint and interior coatings continue to evolve quite rapidly, with so many options being release almost weekly I have no doubt it can be confusing.

At Polishd we use Opti Coat Pro + for our coating options servicing Adelaide over other paint coatings for a few reasons. Firstly the company Optimum Polymer Technologies has been around since 2001 and the first release of Opti Coat in 2007, this gives us 10 years of testing from all over the world.

So what is Opti Coat Pro exactly? Opti Coat Pro + is a ceramic coating for your vehicle’s finish, it is going to save you time and it WORKS. Once applied the ceramic polymer will protect your factory paint from UV damage, bird etchings and minor wash related marring, without Opti Coat Pro + these substances can etch and damage your factory clear coat.

I could bore you with the technical specs such as its 2 micron thickness or its 9H hardness but I’d rather cut to the chase, why would you want your car coated in Opti Coat Pro.











So why Polishd? We have two options to apply coatings firstly as a mobile applicator all over Adelaide we come to you to apply the Opti Coat with no need to drop your car anywhere. Alternatively you are welcome to drop your vehicle off to a garage in Port Adelaide or perhaps a pickup and drop off service by arrangement.

We are a well established yet small business, this benefits you with undivided attention for your vehicle plus the founder of the business Ryan performing all of the Opti Coat applications personally. We are also only a phone call or email away to answer any questions of concerns you are having with the coating in the future.


Includes the following (Allow around 6 hours per Vehicle)

SEDAN  $700 4WD  $800  (new cars)

Used cars will generally require extra paint correction before application.


Full vehicle foam soak with snow foam

Full high pressure rinse

Vehicle hand washed with premium shampoo using microfiber mitt and grit guarded buckets

Full decontamination including paint and windows (leaves paint smooth)

Vehicle hand dried with waffle weave drying towels


Wheel arches and tyres agitated with APC

Scholl Rim 7 wheel cleaner applied, agitated and rinsed

Wheels and tyres hand dried Tyres dressed with Car Pro perl

Wheels coated with Opti Coat Pro + (included in package)


Paint prepped as per exterior inclusions

Full machine polish with Flex/Rupes polisher and fine polish

IPA wipe down on completion of polishing

Opti Coat Pro + applied to all paint/trim/plastics/headlights and tail lights

Warranty kit included (5+ years depending on vehicle age)

Opti Guard Interior Coating + $400

Optic Glass Coating + $150

Ready to book? Complete the booking details below or send us an email and your car will be protected with Opti Coat Pro + in no time.