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Wheel's Coated We can coat your wheel's in Opti Coat Pro just the same as your exterior paint protection, this will prevent brake dust bonding and keep your wheels cleaner longer. This add on includes outer faces only and does not require removing wheels 1 hour Included Free In All Bookings Book
Wheel's and Calipers Coated Premium wheel coating that includes all wheels removed and 2 applications of Opti Coat on all faces and inner barrels plus coating your brake calipers to prevent brake dust bonding and keep your wheels cleaner longer 3 hours $ 200 Book
Opti Glass Coating All glass surfaces coated in Opti Glass Pro, providing a hydrophobic surface that repels rain water and increases chip resistance 1 hour $ 100 Book
Opti Guard Interior Protection Interior protection coating that is applied to all dash, trim and plastics to provide UV protection. Leather is coated with a a clear protective layer over the surface that maintains that factory feel and finish. Carpets and fabrics are coated with a sealant that repeals water and spills 3 hours $ 400 Book

Why choose a ceramic paint protection coating for your car?

In 2018 your traditional carnauba waxes and synthetic sealants are almost extinct, the current generation of ceramic coating paint protections are far superior and offer many additional benefits. We have a number of different paint protection coating options, with Opti Coat Pro + our go to professional grade product. Opti Coat is a Silicon Carbide SiC based coating that cures to a 9H hardness and measures in at 2 microns thickness, I could go on with the specs but I'm starting to bore everyone I'm sure.
A ceramic paint protection coating such as Opti Coat Pro attaches itself semi permanently to the vehicle's paint similar to an additional layer of clear coating, the coating cannot be washed away like traditional wax's and has inbuilt chemical resistance which means no more relying on PH neutral washing. The durability is 5 or more years as opposed to months on a wax or sealant product, this means the vehicle is protected with no further waxing or polishing required while the coating is still on the surface.
Opti Coat as with most ceramic paint protection coatings have an amazing hydrophobic effect where any water sheets off of the surface, this hydrophobic effect makes it more difficult for dirt and contamination to stick to the paint thus keeping your car cleaner longer and makes washing easier and quicker. The increased hardness also helps to prevent minor wash related scratches and marring and if any light scratches do build up over time they are usually contained within the coating which can be machine polished off to reveal fresh like new paint.

  • Vehicle Stays Cleaner Longer While Being Easier To Wash
  • Chemical Resistance To Bird Etchings
  • Increased Hardness Reduces Minor Scratches And Marring
  • One Application Last 5+ Years
  • No Waxing Or Polishing Required
  • Amazingly glossy wet look finish

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