Accidents and Damage
Polishd Media is not responsible for any personal injury/accident or damage during a video or photo shoot. As the client, you are able to take out your own insurance if you feel required.
Revisions and Alterations
Included is one free revsion if notified with in the first 7 days after the delivery of project. Any revisions or alterations after this date will be added as an extra fee to the invoice at the clients expense.
Editing and Post Production
Whilst every effort will be made by the videographer to supply the client with a satisfactory product based upon the videographer’s advertised style, and to the specified requirements agreed beforehand, all editing and post production will be carried out to the videographer’s discretion.


Polishd Media and the Client have ownership of the video and can share the content to their own discretion. The content may be used for Marketing and training purposes.