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Why choose this service for your car?

Interior detailing is easily the most overlooked area of presenting a vehicle, you spend countless hours in your car so it comes as no suprise the person who will notice the interior detailing the most is you. I wanted to cover what our interior detailing and shampooing includes and what you should expect..

Interior Detailing Adelaide 5 Things You Need Included

Carpets and Interior Fabric Cleaning

Carpets are a great starting point, the first step is agitating with a carpet brush to get the fibers to stand up so we can follow with a thorough vacuum that will remove any loose dirt and grime from the fabric. This gets the carpet and fabrics looking good but doesn't remove any staining or ground in dirt, enter carpet steaming and shampoo extraction. In most cases we will be dealing with organic matter such as dirt or dust that has stained the carpet which is more acidic on the PH scale, therefore it is important to first identify the stain and select an appropriate chemical that will be safe on the fabric while breaking down the stain. Most common stains will be slightly acidic on a PH level such as dirt or soil is usually around a PH of 5, Coke is a PH of 3 and Coffee is a PH of 5, what this means is we need an alkaline solution above a PH of 7 to break down these stains before we can shampoo extract them. Steam cleaning the interior is also another great tool that we can use to warm up the carpets to first help remove the stain but to also help with drying. Which comes to the final important point shampooing car interior carpets is the best way to remove staining and grime but we need to be ultra careful to avoid over wetting the fabric due to carpet wicking. Carpet and fabric wicking is where there is still a stain underneath the carpet or fabric, the surface looks clean but as the carpet dries the stain rises to the surface and leaves a new stain on the fabric, not what we are after during an interior detailing service.

Leather Cleaning

A detailer needs to work out which type of leather you have in your vehicle before coming up with a plan to clean it. 90% of today's automotive leather will be type P where car makers start with a bare hide, add a colour application to the hide and apply a polyurethane top coat, this gives the leather greater durability and scratch resistance than in the past. The leather needs to be kept clean usually 3-4 times per year as any dirt build up will cause an abrasive effect that will wear away the polyurethane top coat, we do the with by using the least agressive method possible. PH neutral leather cleaners and soft microfiber towels are a great option here as highly alkaline cleaners can shorten the life of the leather considerably or my person "go to" is to steam clean the leather, this allows me to clean the leather while using no chemicals at all. Once clean we can focus on hydrating the leather to replace lost oils from the surface due to use.

Roof Lining Cleaning

Yep that spot people rarely look at attracts generally quite a few stains, the best option here is a soft microfiber towel and some alkaline cleaner by hand to remove the stains. Again we can't run the risk of over wetting as the glue is just behind the material and can fail, leading to a roof lining that begins sagging away.

Dash and Trim Cleaning

During an interior detailing process we generally clean all plastic trim pieces first with an all purpose cleaner or even just water if the area isn't overly dirty, once the rest of the fabric, carpets and leather have been cleaned we follow by applying Optimum Protectant or 303 Aerospace protectant. These are dressing that improve the appearance of the dash and trim pieces while providing UV protection, however we choose the two products because they are non greasy and retain the original finish of the trim very close to how it left the factory. I personally cannot stand oily, glossy type dressings that make the trim slippery and start attracting dust almost instantly.

Seatbelt Cleaning

The seatbelts are in contact with dirt and skin oils almost as much as your leather or fabric seats, we all hate grabbing a seatbelt and having that sticky feeling. Seatbelt can be an absolute pain to clean once the grime is left to sit for any lperiod of time, the approach here is very similar to other areas, body oils are usually a PH level of 5 so alkaline cleaners, heat and steam is also a great tool.

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interior lite

interior carpets and seats vacuumed

all dash, trim and door trims cleaned

roof lining cleaned

leather cleaned 

fabric spot stain removal

dash, trim and door trims dressed with non greasy protectant 

interior windows cleaned

premium fragrance

carpet striping by request


interior plus

interior carpets and seats vacuumed

all dash , trim and door trims cleaned

roof lining cleaned

leather steam cleaned

Leather hydrated/conditioned

all carpets and fabric shampoo extracted

interior steam cleaning as required

dash, trim and door trims dressed with non greasy protectant

interior windows cleaned

premium fragrance

carpet striping by request

free exterior wash


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