Holden Commodore SSV Opti Coat Wayville, Adelaide.

Spitfire Green Holden SSV Opti Coat Pro+ Wayville Adelaide

Ok so I’ve got to admit when I first received the call regarding coating this Spitfire green SSV I was quite excited, having seen the colour around Adelaide only once or twice my only though way amazing.

The client came to me from an online recommendation on an automotive forum, and the job was all booked barring a minor graphic stripe issue which the dealer rectified and a rain delay, it was third time lucky.

The gloss black wheels were taken care of with Optimum Ferrex and having gone through the usual 2 bucket wash process, it was a fine clay bar to remove some surface contamination from sitting under a tree.  The paint itself was in ok shape other than some minor swirling and buffer trails from what I assume was a minor dealer repair.

opti coat adelaide swirls

Corrected boot lid.


Once the paint was corrected with Scholl S30 on a black pad it was an IPA wipe down and begin the Opti Coat Pro + application.

I still can’t stop drooling over the spitfire green colour and likely one of the last ssv commodores ever built.

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