Audi Q5 S Line Opti Coat Pro+ Port Adelaide

Audi Q5 Opti Coat Pro + Port Adelaide

This brand new red Audi Q5 S Line came to me from a client who had their previous Audi coated in the first edition standard Opti Coat Pro over 5 years ago.  He was thrilled with the previous coating performance and was keen to get the Q5 protected and see how the much improved Opti Coat Pro + version performed.

The Client had no suitable area to peform the coating at his address so the plan was to drop the Q5 to Polishd HQ (aka my garage) located in central Port Adelaide (Just a few metres back from the wharf).

First the garage was in need of a quick clean up, having everything where it’s meant to be makes the coating process go smoother.

Tidying up the workshop for the day

First up was a visual inspection of the paint condition, a new car isn’t always in as new condition.  Upon inspecting the Audi Q5 I was left impressed, no major swirling, buffer trails or marks that needed any attention apart from some tree sap and surface contamination from sitting before delivery.

The wheels were first up being cleaned with 3D BDX, the vehicle was only 2 weeks old so the BDX made short work of the small break dust build up.

3D BDX doing its thing on the Audi wheels

Cant forget around the lug nuts

Next was a wash with 3D pink car soap (if your seeing a theme here your right, I’m slightly obsessed with 3D products at the moment) followed by a mechanical decontamination with a light grade surface prep towel to remove the surface contamination and leave the paint slick.

Claying the Audi Q5 with surface prep towel

Washed and rinsed it was time to head back inside to finish up drying the Q5.

Drying after washing waffle weave towel

Some compressed air in grilles, bumpers and gaps to remove excess water.

Compressed air to dry the grille and gaps

Washed and dried time to think about polishing options.

Washed and clayed

Considering the good condition of the paint I opted for Scholl S30 with a red finishing pad on a Shine Mate dual action machine polisher.  This combination has little correction properties but was aimed at stepping up the gloss on the paint and ensuring the surface was perfectly clean to accept the Opti Coat Pro +.

Polishing scholl s30

A few after polishing shots, gloss level stepped up.

After polishing

After polishing

Polishing complete it was time for an IPA wipe down to remove any polishing oils.

IPA Wipedown

Ipa Wipedown

A few delivery stickers still to be removed, a blade was used on the glass however I wouldn’t recommend trying it on paint.

Removing so delivery stickers

Time to get down to business the Opti Coating begins.

Starting the Opti COat

Not so fast, work was stopped for a delivery of 3D products.  New product delivery’s are like Christmas for a detailer.

3D delivery arived

3d detailing gear

Dressing the tyres with 3D non silicone dressing before I get back to the Opti Coat.

Dressing wheels with 3D dressing

Coating complete it’s time for the moment of truth, cars can look great inside under lights the sun will always be your harshest critic.

Opti Coat complete sun inspection

Opti Coat complete sun inspection

Opti Coat complete sun inspection

Opti Coat complete sun inspection

Opti Coat complete sun inspection

Opti Coat complete sun inspection

The photos speak for themselves, the Opti Coat almost changed the colour making the paint a deeper and glossier metallic red.  The vehicle is protected for years to come and the time of maintaining the current finish will be greatly reduced.

Interested in having your vehicle corrected or protected with Opti Coat Pro + check out our packages here Opti Coat Adelaide Package Prices

The owners thoughts “Great job with fastidious attention to detail. Courteous service including drop off and pick up from railway station. My Audi Q5 looks fantastic.” Makes it all worthwhile.




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