Holden Commodore VF SSV Ute Detailing Wynn Vale Adelaide

VF SSV Ute Detail Wynn Vale Adelaide

So I don’t take on a great deal of work utes but I love a challenge and this 2016 SSV was certainly just that. The car detailing was conducted as a mobile service in Wynn Vale Adelaide. Heading to the job site virtually daily it was covered in concrete dust, dirt and grime. I started with a foam soak and wash with 3D pink soap.

As always the black wheels and brembo callipers where covered in a film of brake dust, Optimum ferrex was in order to restore them to new condition. Following on with a two stage decontamination, the paint work was in ok shape so the owner opted to seal with Car Pro reload with no paint correction.  This is rare for a black car however it was reasonably new and it was accepted it would be returning to work post detail so a paint correction level of perfection was not required on this occasion.

The interior carpets were agitated with power clean and machine extracted while the leather and trim were cleaned and dressed with Optimum Protectant Plus. Overall it was a massive turnaround that I am quite proud of. Check out our mobile detailing packages at Car Detailing Adelaide


VF SSV car detailing before

Getting Started

Interior Detailing Before

VF SSV Ute Detail Adelaide Side shot vf ssv ute detailing adelaide vf ssv ute interior detailing adelaide vf ssv interior detailing 2 vf ssv ute detailing reflections

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