Paint Correction Defects

Does your vehicle have any of these paint defects..? Chances are you need one of our paint correction packages.

Swirling/Spider Webbing The most common paint defect we see, the vehicle usually looks great in the shade but when exposed to sunlight the round looking scratches are quite visible and take away from the overall look of the vehicle.  Swirling is a bunch of minor scratches generally induced while washing that look round due to the way the sun reflects off of the scratches, if you were to look at the scratching under a microscope you would see a bunch of random minor scratches in all different directions.  Even with a flawless wash process such as foaming, pre rinsing, 2 bucket method washing and quality microfiber towels it’s a loosing battle preventing swirling on a daily driven vehicle.  However with an application of Opti Coat Pro most clients tend to find this helps greatly with reducing the amount of wash inflicted swirling.

How To Avoid Steer clear of car washes that use bristled brushes and develop a quality hand washing process.


Holograms One of my pet hates because they are caused by someone previously buffing the paint who either did not have the time or knowledge to finish the paint correction correctly.  High speed buffing with wool pads for heavy defect removal are the usual cause that leave lines running up and down the paint that move when viewed from different angles in direct sunlight.

How To Avoid Use a quality detailer with the correct equipment and time to complete the paint correction


Waterspots Are caused by water droplets being allowed to sit on the paint and evaporate, once the water has evaporated your left with mineral deposits from the water that begins to etch the paint.  Car washes will also generally recycle the water that they use and contain a high amount of impurities in the water if not dried of thoroughly after each wash.

How To Avoid Use clean water as often as possible and hand dry the vehicle after washing.



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