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Explain Car Detailing What Is It And How Does It Differ From Car Cleaning or a Car Wash

A professional car detailer isn't just a fancy name for having your car cleaned or washed, a true professional can refinish your car to a standard you likely have not seen before, my number one priority when completing any detail is to bring that car back to "as new" condition.  That felling you had when you drove away in your new vehicle for the first time, yep we want to replicate that.  This process usually involves a level of perfection, skill and time that a mobile car wash, car groomer or car cleaning service in Adelaide cannot match due to the sheer amount of time the process takes. Interior detailing and cleaning requires carpets to be shampooed to remove ground in dirt and stains, leather seats need to be steam cleaned and conditioned to remove dirt, oils, makeup or sweat. Dash vents and crevices need to be detailed and brushed clean, seat belts and roof linings need to be treated the list goes on and I haven't even mentioned on the exterior washing, clay bar treatment or paint polishing.

What Are The Prices For Mobile Car Detailing In Adelaide

If there is one thing I've learnt over the past decade as an Adelaide Car Detailer is that automotive detailing takes time, a great deal of time, it takes concentration spending hours looking at every crevice in your car interior or paint, it takes patience, it takes knowledge, skill and the correct quality car care products.  All car detailing services whether mobile or workshop based in Adelaide are not created equal which means there will always be a wide variety in pricing, shopping on price can be tempting but I would suggest shopping on features and value will provide you a greater level of satisfaction in your mobile vehicle detailing experience. Think about what you want to achieve in the car detailing service, are you more concerned with the interior,exterior or both? are you wanting the interior cleaning on a budget or wanting to go for a more in depth full interior detailing package with carpet shampooing and steam cleaning? take a look at your car's exterior paint in direct sunlight do you see scratches in your car's paint? do you want all the scratches and swirl marks machine polished and corrected or are you happy to just apply a wax or sealant because they don't bother you.  All of these answer will affect the final price of your selected car detailing package however I know i'm sitting on the fence here so to answer the question what is the cost of car detailing in Adelaide, a very broad idea is expect to pay $300 to $500 for a quality thorough vehicle detail that includes interior shampooing and steam cleaning, engine bay detailing and exterior paint polishing/enhancement. A paint correction or cut and polish will generally add to that price quite significantly, but it generally is a small investment to restore and protect possibly your second biggest investment..

What Automotive And Vehicle Detailing Products And Equipment Do You Use

Products, products, products nothing gets us auto detailer's more excited than the latest greatest car detailing products that have the potential to help us deliver an ever greater auto detailing experience for our clients, be it that new polish that will make your car paint "pop" to that new tyre dressing that will make the tyre's stay glossier longer,  quality car detailer's will use quality car detailing products and equipment full stop.  Some of the auto detailing specific brands I use include Meguiar's, 3D and Optimum cover most things.  Polishes and compounds generally consist of Scholl, Concour's, Menzerna and Meguiar's.  Waxe's and sealants include Swissvax, Car Pro, Menzerna and Zaino.  My professional car detailing equipment includes Karcher steamers and shampoo extractors, Gerni pressure washers and vac's along with Flex and Rupes machine detailing polishers. My own personal vehicles at times feel like a car detailing research department for testing these new detailing products that evolve rapidly, while they may be generally on the expensive side the quality of finish they provide is simply stunning plus the peace of mind of using a product that was designed for that specific car detailing application you can be certain of improving your ride not  damaging it both now and in the future so why would you compromise..

How Long Does A Mobile Car Detail Last

It's really all on you how long the auto detail will last, as mentioned our goal is to bring your sedan, wagon, convertable or van back to as new condition.  Obviously what is possible with that as a mindset will depend on the current condition of the vehicle and the sort of budget you have to work within,  but lets put it this way it will not wash away any time soon.  All of your automotive surfaces are treated, cleaned, detailed, restored and protected, all of our paint protection sealants and coatings are hand selected to give your automobile the maximum protection possible for as long as possible.  With a few small tweaks to how you use and care for your car you may find seeing a professional mobile car cleaner or detailer once a year is more than enough for a quality treatment and the good news is once your ride has been cleaned and restored to that "as new condition" it is generally a breeze to maintain going forward..

What Are Wax, Sealants And Coatings And What Is Right For My Car

Some vehicles have a single stage paint system which is just a flat colour however most modern paints today have a clear coat over the colour to protect and provide shine, this clear coat is ultra thin and  what we need to protect.  Once this clear coat is left unprotected for any length of time it begins to fail, I'm sure you have seen this on car roof's and bonnet's where the clear top coat is starting to turn a milky white colour or flake of completely.  This damage is not reparable from a car detailers point of view it needs to be repainted by a panel shop with all the hassle that goes along with that such as paint colour's not matching or being with out a car while repairs are completed.  The most obvious way to protect the paint is with a wax, usually made with natural carnauba this option provides a slick glossy warm glow on the paint and gives around 1-2 months protection, the next step up is a polymer sealant this is a synthetic product that bonds to the car paint to provide protection, the downside is it doesn't provide a level of gloss and warmth that the carnauba  wax provides however the durability is far more favorable coming in around 6 months.  Option 3 is a ceramic paint protection coating which is the ultimate protection providing a chemical bonding to the cars paint to provide ongoing protection for years rather than months with a wax or sealant.  This means one application only is required and no further polishing or waxing is required while that coating is on the paint, the downside to a coating is the initial cost of application usually runs anywhere from $400 to $1000 or more depending on what coating is selected and how long it lasts.

What After Detail Service Do You Offer

We're here both before and after your car detailer has worked their magic to answer any questions or provide any tips on car cleaning and keeping your vehicle looking amazing going forward.   I want to have an ongoing investment in keeping your ride looking its best, we will let you know what paint and leather protection product was applied after your detail and give you an indication of when that protection may need to be topped up, we also have a range of maintenance plans and lower level basic mobile car cleaning services that will keep your vehicle looking mint going forward.

Are You Mobile Car Detailers In Adelaide Or A Fixed Workshop

BOTH. Nothing presents a challenge like Adelaide mobile car detailing but I've been running the business as a mobile car cleaning service all over Adelaide (Adelaide Northern Suburbs, Adelaide Western Suburbs, Adelaide Southern Suburbs, Adelaide Eastern Suburbs and Adelaide City) for the past 7 years, mobile detailing has its challenges with having to carry all of your detailing supplies into a work ute almost as a rolling workshop.  However I understand the value this provides to my clients in that they don't have to go anywhere or worry about pick ups and drop offs plus I love working somewhere different ever day to keep my mind and out look fresh doing something I genuinely love.  Generally all we need is a clear area to work with access to power and water, a garage or carport is ideal but not required it just means we need to keep an eye on the weather forecast to make sure it is a suitable day outside.  I also have a garage at Port Adelaide (a short stroll back from the wharf area)  where most of the higher end more time intensive work generally takes place. 

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