Opti Coat Pro +

So you’ve brought that new car you been looking at for a while now, a new car that will be your second biggest investment and I’m guessing you found our website because you would like to look after it.

Paint protection and interior coatings continue to evolve quite rapidly, with so many options out there I have no doubt it can be rather confusing.

At Polishd we use Opti Coat Pro + over other paint protection coatings for a number of reasons. Firstly the company and brand of Optimum Polymer Technologies being founded in 2001 and the first release of Opti Coat in 2007, as a professional detailer I use their products virtually daily and am quite a fan.

Secondly there is close to 10 years real world testing from all over the globe, a google search will reveal thousands of results from detailing forums outlining people’s experience with Opti Coat Pro with the majority being positive. With the issues I am aware of being put down to preparation related issues rather than the coating itself.

Lastly and most simply it is my favourite paint protection coating, I love the gloss it gives the paint, I love the way the water runs off the paint and I love the way it makes washing and maintenance quicker and easier.

So what is Opti Coat Pro exactly? Opti Coat Pro + is a permanent coating for your vehicle’s finish, it is going to save you time, money and it WORKS. Once applied the ceramic polymer will protect your factory paint from environmental damage, external contamination and UV damage, without Opti Coat Pro + these substances will etch and damage your factory clear coat.

An Opti Coat Pro + application measures in at 2 microns which gives it around 100 times the thickness of your average sealant, while at the same time giving increased hardness over your factory clear coat. The Opti Coat Pro + layer can “absorb” any damage that would otherwise affect your factory paint, minor scratches and swirl marks are reduced with Opti Coat Pro + due to this increased hardness while any more serious paint defects which are “absorbed” by the Opti Coat Pro + can easily be corrected and Opti Coat Pro + re applied without affecting your thin modern clear coat.

So why Polishd? As a mobile applicator all over Adelaide we come to you to apply the Opti Coat with no need to drop your car anywhere. We are a well established yet small business, this benefits you with undivided attention for your vehicle plus the founder of the business Ryan performing all of the Opti Coat applications personally. We are also only a phone call or email away to answer any questions of concerns you are having with the coating.

Dont take our word for it, below is some recent feedback from clients.

Don't Take Our Word For It

  • I bought a second hand car that was clean on the outside but family and dog worn on the inside. Once Ryan was done it was like I'd bought it from a dealer, without paying dealer prices. Ryan was very thorough and the price was reasonable considering the time he spent on it.
  • Ryan was quick to answer my questions on Opticoat Pro+ and his price was good. He did a first rate job of my new Wildtrak, doing the full paint/trim/leather/wheels/glass treat over a marathon 7.5 hours....on a new car! It looks great and the water runs off like it was running off a teflon frypan. Impressive product and great service!! We have more cars booked in now.... Thanks Ryan.... Jarret, South Adelaide Asbestos Remova
  • I couldn't believe how good my Wrx looked when I got home from work! Such a professional job with the paint correction. I would recommend Ryan over and over based on quality of the job and price! Legend
  • So happy, did such a great job on my car i dont want to sell it! Will definitely use them again, thank you!!
  • Wow! My new Ranger Wildtrak looks absolutely amazing with Opticoat Pro applied. Ryan is a master at his trade and a real professional. Would highly recommend.

Includes the following (Allow around 6 hours per Vehicle)

SEDAN  $700 4WD  $800  (new cars)

Used cars will generally require extra paint correction before application.


Full vehicle foam soak with snow foam

Full high pressure rinse

Vehicle hand washed with premium shampoo using microfiber mitt and grit guarded buckets

Full decontamination including paint and windows (leaves paint smooth)

Vehicle hand dried with waffle weave drying towels


Wheel arches and tyres agitated with APC

Poorboys wheel cleaner applied, agitated and rinsed

Wheels and tyres hand dried

Tyres dressed with Car Pro pearl

Wheels coated with Opti Coat Pro + (included in package)


Paint prepped as per exterior inclusions

Full machine polish with flex polisher and finishing polish

IPA wipe down on completion of polishing

Opti Coat Pro + applied to all paint/trim/plastics/headlights and tail lights

Warranty kit included (lifetime new vehicles/ 5 years used vehicles)


Ready to book? Complete the booking details below or send us an email and your car will be protected with Opti Coat Pro + in no time.